Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Birthday and Philadelphia news)

First off, yesterday was my birthday. March 1 is my designated day of birth, and I was blessed to make it this far. I played 2 church services, had a small celebration with family and rested (Since I have to do church on Sundays starting at 7:30 am, I get tired a lot on Sundays, so I like to rest as much as I can on those days). It was a good day, and now I can move on with life. This brings me to my second topic. Here in Philadelphia they were attempting to have a ‘safe injection site’ installed in South Philly. This would mostly be for the opioid users. We have a major problem with users who are killing themselves from improperly injecting used needles and tainted substances. The safe site would help them to inject the needles properly. ┬áThe big issue here is that a lot of people were actually ‘against’ the safe injection site. Some of the arguments I heard was that this would bring the wrong element into their neighborhoods and it was too close to a school. While I can understand that perfectly I still scratch my head over this. For one thing, ‘with or without’ a safe injection site Philadelphia will have drug addicts all around ‘anyway.’ They will be in the neighborhoods, near the schools and just about anyplace they can find. With a safe monitored injection site the chances of death will be greatly reduced, and there is a slight possibility that the addicts may even get help (and eventually cured). If there were an alternate solution to this epidemic then I could go with that. However, I hate turning down ideas without offering other alternatives. If I am going to jump from one cliff to another, I would ‘at least” want to make sure that cliff is ‘there.’ The day the site was scheduled to open, they shelved the idea. Now I guess they need to come up with another idea for this crisis. People are dying all over the world from this epidemic. Safe injection sites have been used successfully in other places. I would love to see it have a chance here in Philly. Time and temperament will tell if this will ever happen. In the meantime, the only other option we have is prayer. I will keep monitoring this and let you know if anything happens. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

The Miracles performing in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar