Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (How alarmed should the world be over the Coronavirus?)

This is a fairly good question. From the published reports this disease is making an impact around the world. What can be done about it? The main fear about Coronavirus is what we ‘don’t know.’ Where did it come from? How is it that a cure has not yet been found? Can it kill everyone? If you think back years ago, there was another deadly disease which was threatening the world in the same manner. Do you remember the Ebola virus? From what I can remember, it killed over 5,000 people in Africa years ago. It conjured the same fear as this current virus. Everyone thought that it would wipe out the entire human population. “After” it killed over 5,000 people in Africa someone with the virus boarded a plane to the United States. It wasn’t until this person brought the disease here that a cure was ‘miraculously discovered’ and the disease was extinguished quickly. I cannot say the same for the Coronavirus yet, because there are already a couple of cases here in the United States. How many will perish until a cure is brought forth? From the way Trump is acting, I honestly think a cure has already been found but not totally ready yet. That is just a premonition on my part (I have no actual proof of this). Here are a couple of things that disseminate between Trump and the facts:

Whatever the case, we all need to be aware and take whatever necessary precautions we can. I do believe that a vaccine is already in the works for this, so if we can thwart this long enough it may make a huge difference. Time will tell. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Jeff Majors, Bunny Sigler in concert with Brett Jolly on bass