Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Electric cars?)

The auto show was in Philadelphia yesterday. Each year I take my son to it so we can check out the new vehicles that will soon be on the market. There seemed to be a good selection of cars this year (even though it appears that the cost for a lot of new autos has gone up). I heard about the introduction of ‘electric cars.’ Some of my friends told me about these things and they had some on display. Like I normally do with everything, I had questions. Obviously it seems as though these will be the cars of the future, but are they beneficial to have right now? Electric cars don’t make the noise that regular cars make. They don’t require the maintenance that regular cars require. They ride very smooth and can go faster than most regular cars. There were other factors that I wanted to find out, so I asked. When an electric car is fully charged up, it an normally get about 250 miles. That is not bad at all, but after you travel those 250 miles you would need to fill up or recharge your car, so where are the filling stations? From what I was told, there are about 1,200 electric filling stations in the US. Would they be in close enough proximity should your car need to be charged? Also, the time it takes to charge and electric car can be a little as 30 minutes ¬†or more than 12 hours (This depends on the size of the battery you have). That might be a problem, especially if you go to a station and there are other people ‘in front’ of you waiting to charge their cars as well. It costs about $540 ‘per year’ to charge. That is an advantage compared to gas prices you would ¬†normally pay per year. Since this concept is new, the safety features of electric cars can also come into play. The prices of these cars was rather high as well. Overall, I like the electric cars. I just have to think smart before purchasing one. It might be best to wait a year or 2 for them to have more charging stations and for the prices to come down. I remember recently when they were promoting the car that drove by itself. It was a great idea until one lady driving a self driven car accidentally ran over a pedestrian. I haven’t heard much about these kinds of cars since then. Always do homework on anything new. Electronic cars might be great for you, but it is always the unforeseen factors that you need to pay the most attention to. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Jazz great Paul Jackson Jr. in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar

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