Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (The best basketball players of all time)

Since I posted about Kobe yesterday I figured I would ignite a debate about who the best basketball players of all time should be. There are a “lot” of choices, and most of them hinge on what type of player you look at. First, when it comes to being a “clutch” payer, the one player that comes to mind is Michael Jordan. Whenever he had the ball in his hands during the last seconds of the game you automatically knew his team would score. A truly great player is one who wants the ball during a tied game during the end of regulation. Larry Bird was “very instrumental” at being a clutch player. Whenever his team needed points he always seemed to deliver. When it comes to big men in the game, there are several things to consider. Wilt Chamberlain was a huge dominator, even if he did so during a time when there weren’t many 7 footers in the league. Now just about every team has one. As the league progressed, more 7 footers came about with more mass and strength. Shaquille O’Neal was a prime example. Once he got close enough to the basket no one could stop him. Hakeem Olajuwon had a signature move that was unstoppable. The same can be said for Kareem Abdul Jabbar. I am really surprised that more centers don’t utilize that hook shot he had. It seemed unstoppable. As for guards, Allen Iverson would shake you right out of your pants. He was an intimidator who was relentless. Steve Nash was “incredible” when it came to assists and making plays. He could also score off any foot. Isaiah Thomas made a huge impact for Detroit. No one can argue the value of Kawhi ┬áLeonard last year for his ability to help his team win a championship. He was phenomenal. Kobe Bryant had so much heart and a zest for working hard. He deserves to be up there with the best of them. Of course, we can’t make this point without mentioning LeBron James. He has done so much for the sport of basketball. He has been great defensively, offensively and he made his teammates better when on the floor with them. If he has a weakness, I am still not sure what it is. Finally, Michael Jordan is the epitome of pro basketball. He did whatever he wanted to do, and no one was able to stop him. He studied other players, and he also got in their minds mentally. ┬áThere are a lot of other players that I missed, but this post is only so long. The sport of pro basketball is a great one. New legends emerge all the time. Of course, people are great at different stages of their careers. A player in his 20’s is not the same as a player in his late 30’s. You may have your own favorite. This is only my take. I already know there are plenty of others that I have not mentioned yet. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Janet Jackson with Brett Jolly onstage