Brett Jolly (Do you ever take time to actually check yourself?)

I know this might sound rather strange to some people. I believe that most of us actually believe we are quite normal, not even realizing what quirks we might have. For instance, have you ever given some thought as to how you would react if someone from a completely different culture introduced themselves to you? Would you be comfortable with it, or would you think this to be rather strange? If your son or daughter brought home someone of a different race, would it make a difference to you? Could you see yourself in a relationship with someone whose political views were quite adverse from yours? As the human race develops there appears to be much more disagreement between us socially. The MeToo movement has spiked awareness in how many women should be treated. White Nationalists express a strong need to separate based on race (even though they may not be sure  how diverse their full ancestry might be). As we grow our views reflect our differences. A perfect example is the popularity of our President, Donald Trump. Many people support him, while others do not. How do you view yourself when it comes to acceptability? Do you welcome people or are you stand-offish? Do you even realize how you are? Behavior is taught. When growing up, most children will play with each other and not even think about any cultural differences between them. It isn’t until they get older and someone explains the situation to them that behaviors change. Can you honestly say that you will welcome everybody? This is why people often need to “check themselves.” You may not be as much of a saint as you think you are. Today’s Daily Thought is only about “awareness.” I am not accusing you of  anything. However, I hope that you take time to  recognize things about you that you might not have noticed before. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Bonnie Raitt in concert with Brett Jolly on bass