Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Reaching out to someone I haven’t talked to in many years)

This is the year 2020. As we all progress through life changes happen for us. Some of them are good changes, but not all of them are. When growing up as a teenager, I had a friend whose name was Weldon Brown. At one point he was my best friend and he was a smart nice guy. Many just referred to him as “Bo.” Throughout our years certain changes began happening for Bo. He spent some time out with his father on the West Coast. I believe it was out there where he began to get hooked up on drugs. Bo brought his drug habit back here to Philly and his life went into a spiral. My brother often found him high and reprimanded him while pulling him crying off the streets. Bo knew he was doing wrong. Bo was told that one day he would end up dead or in jail. Bo was hooked on a very bad habit. One day Bo was buying drugs from someone and a disagreement happened. Bo was smart and crafty enough to know how to get out of a dangerous situation. Bo ended up killing his dealer and Bo went to jail. Unfortunately his story doesn’t end there. While in jail Bo got into yet another altercation with an inmate there. Bo killed that inmate as well. Now Bo is serving a life sentence with no chance for parole. For many years he has been housed at Graterford Prison. I tried before to reach out to him, but at that time I didn’t know that you had to have his prison number in order for him to receive mail. Yesterday I mailed him again, and made sure to put the prison number on it. Some people would probably wonder why I am going through so much to contact him. I’m sure many feel that he should just rot away in prison for what he did and he should be totally forgotten. I firmly believe that no one is perfect, and he who is without sin should cast the very first stone. Yes, what Bo did was terrible. I cannot support his actions at all. However, I can’t abandon him either. I sincerely hope that this time he gets my message and he emails me back. No matter what, I still love him. His mother recently died and his younger brother died a week after that. Also he currently has cancer. He made some bad choices in his life. If reaching out to him let’s him know that he has not been forgotten then I can live with that. You may know of someone who needs to hear from you. We are all here on a planet where we have to depend on others for our own survival. Some people may not agree with reaching out to him. I sincerely appreciate your opinion. I am hoping that this will make a difference to him AND to me. If I get a response back from him I promise to let you know. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

The late singer Gerald LeVert in concert with Brett Jolly on bass