Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Finally got my computer back)

Yes, today has been a very busy day for me, but at least I managed to get my computer back (after paying $500 to do so). It is amazing how disoriented you can feel without the comfort of your computer. I had been without it for the entire week. I managed to figure out how to do some things on my phone, but I consider myself to be “generationally challenged.” In other words, I am “old.” I had rehearsal this morning for the Marian Anderson awards and I had to wake up early for it. ┬áRight now I am tired but glad to be back in the present age of technology. Hopefully I can get back to speed on all the things I have missed this week. The lesson I have learned is that I should not take everything for granted. There will be times when things need to be repaired and in order to get things done I will need to go with “plan B.” I will get back on my game again starting Monday. Thank you all for your patience and have a great weekend. As always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


Wayne Brady (Host of Let’s make a deal) in concert with Brett Jolly on bassWayne_Brady_and_Brett