Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought ( Learning about other places and cultures)

Yesterday I was shooting a video with a young lady from the Ukraine. The video shooting went very well, but for me it was interesting to hear about the differences between where she came from and here. She told me that that life in the Ukraine was somewhat similar to here but in many ways different. Where she came from the mafia was bigger than the police and it was better to be in good standing with them if you ever got in trouble. She said if the police were ever needed it could take them hours to get to you, but the mafia was much more efficient. All you had to do was give them the name of the person bothering you and they could handle it from there. In fact, the mafia was so big there that even the police couldn’t handle them. The mafia had their hands in just about everything. If you needed to do something like get a license all you needed to do was ┬áhave some money. Your qualifications didn’t mean much, but if you could pay someone off ┬áthen that would be more helpful. This lady and her family had a very good standing there but they left to come here for better opportunity. The United States had more to offer. I do know that the mafia is big here as well. Life has a much better quality if you understand it. Just because you hear about the standards you are supposed to follow doesn’t necessarily mean that it is true. I have heard that you need to go to college and learn in order to have a wealthy career. Michael Jackson or Eddie Murphy never went to college and look how wealthy they became. LeBron James skipped college entirely and check out how much money he has. In order to understand the system you need to know how it “really” works. There is a “reason” why all the people on the news stations happen to be good looking people. Think about it. It is not always about just “your skills.” Think beyond the surface and you might be surprised at what you learn. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Singer Holly Robinson-Peete and Brett Jolly