Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Should we strive for peace with the Taliban?)

The road to peace with any labeled terroristic group can be a bumpy one. The United States has had many issues with the Taliban for years. Just recently President Trump wanted to negotiate a peace agreement with them. This move was not a united concept among several lawmakers. Many of them feel as though the Taliban should never be allowed at Camp David because of the things they have done. They recently killed one of our soldiers. For those of you who don’t know the recent story here it is:

While the Taliban has done some nasty things to us, we need to be reminded that what we did to them was not that pretty either. Yes, they are labeled as a terrorist group and for years they have inflicted pain on many parts of the world. I’m sure many feel that we shouldn’t negotiate with them at all. I am not one of those. The road to peace needs to start “somewhere” and it is tough to talk about it while violence is still being committed (on both sides). We can continue to hold them accountable for their role in the terroristic acts of 911, but that won’t get us anywhere. The first thing might be to initiate a truce while negotiations take place. Then this can allow tempers to simmer on both sides. Everyone is entitled to their view of the enemy, but focusing on your view won’t make them any friendlier towards you. If we are to change the way people think then at some point we need to focus on the present and future, and get over our own hate. Over the years we have obtained peace with other groups who have done far worse than the Taliban. If we can achieve peace with them, then I believe we can achieve it with anybody. Peace has to start in the mind first. Eliminate the hateful thoughts, and you just might give peace a chance….

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