Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought ( The inevitability of life

As my age goes further into time, I am becoming vastly aware of others and what they are going through. A keyboard friend of mine had a stroke a couple of months ago and has not been the same since. Another keyboard friend of mine is dealing with sugar and is about to have his leg amputated. Another bass player friend of mine recently discovered that he had stage 4 cancer and he died not long after. People that I know are dealing with ailments that come along with life. 2 Years ago I myself had a stroke, and I was fortunate to overcome that one in 3 days. The one thing I have learned from all this is that life has “inevitability.” No matter what, at some point we are all going to die. In the meantime, all the issues of life will continue to transcend upon us.  I don’t think there is anything  we can do to stop life’s finality, but in the meantime we can continue to “listen to our bodies” whenever possible. That may sound strange, but all I am saying is that we need to pay attention to the times when we might not feel right. The night before I had my stroke I had intense chest pains, and I couldn’t figure out why. I still managed to sleep through the night, but that morning I had double vision and balance problems. If I had not decided to go to the hospital at that time, circumstances could have been extremely tragic for me. We all have to pay attention to any warning signs that might be trouble. Even though I am taking better care of myself right now, it doesn’t mean that I can’t go through it all again. At the first signs I will head right to the hospital. In one way or another you will have your own decisions to make. If something seems different then you need to pay attention to it. The quality of life depends heavily on what you devote to it. Take nothing for granted, exercise, and follow the proper steps. It just might make the difference in “your” quality of life.

Brett Jolly and Robin Roberts from Good morning America

Robin Roberts and Brett Jolly