Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Just how safe do guns really make us?)

I think we all have heard the arguments before. Certain people do not wish to relinquish their guns. In fact, some want even “more” guns so that they can feel “even safer.” The United States of America has more guns that it does people. Do you feel any safer now? With the relative ease that a crazed person can purchase, obtain and own a gun, outings like going to a nightclub, church or movie can now become a “dangerous event.” For the record, guns do not kill people. “People who “own and operate” guns can kill people.” Right now “so many” people have guns (and some of them should not have a gun at all). What can be done to tackle this problem? I have heard that utilizing stringent background checks won’t stop a crazed person from getting a gun. In most instances I “strongly disagree.” Many people who engage in random acts of violence make their intentions known before doing so. They will tell people, they will write manifestos and they will post things on the internet. In fact, IF someone were doing a decent background check they might find out this person’s intentions BEFORE they can get a gun. They also might be able to determine their mental state of mind. If you check out most stories of people who have committed violent acts with guns you will find that they wanted their stories to be told and they wanted the attention. The best way to make that happen is to tell your story to someone “before” committing your senseless act. If we can catch the warnings then we may be able to thwart them before something bad happens. As for the acts themselves, you can blame these things on video games, mental illness, drag queens, Obama, and everything else you wish to spread blame to, but that won’t solve anything. If you can condemn hate from other outside countries as detrimental to our society, then you should consider White Supremacy from inside our country equally hateful and illegal. This last shooting in El Paso should show you how dangerous this can be. Why can’t we “outlaw” White Supremacy like we outlaw everything else? Over the years this concept has proven to be dangerous to our whole well being, and yet many politicians want to protect it under the concept of “freedom of speech.” Manifestos claiming hate and harm to immigrants ( also considered freedom of speech by many) are just as bad, so they both should be condemned equally. “Diversity” in America is what really “makes America great.” We are ALL different, which in essence makes us all the same. Let’s love like we mean it… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Brett Jolly and Lynda Carter (The Original Wonder Woman)