Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (The day when we “turn into” our parents)

Remember when you were a little child? Do you remember your parents telling you “not” to do something that you really wanted to do? You couldn’t wander off. You couldn’t question your parents. You couldn’t disobey them. NOW “you” are an adult, and now you have kids. Guess what? You are telling your own children how to behave and embracing the very same values that your parents had. My memories of my childhood are fairly vivid. I remember testing my father on certain things. I remember smart mouthing my mother from time to time. I didn’t see what they saw back then, but NOW I do. Our values are time related to our lives. As a young boy I remembered saying to myself that when I get to be an adult I would handle things “this way” instead of that way. So far I can honestly say that I have done exactly that. I learned a lot from my parents and I think that helped me out a great deal growing up. One of the most important lessons I learned is that when young kids grow older they have to be allowed to make some of the “same mistakes you made” when growing up. You can’t continue to act like a controlling parent for the full duration of your kid’s lives. My kids are all grown now, and I have never had any significant problems with them breaking the law or being in any kind of trouble. I also realized that at a certain point of their lives I had to stop being a controlling father and act more like an adviser should they feel they need it. I don’t dictate and I don’t try to control. I think it has made a tremendous difference in my relationships with my children. I feel they all love me and most important is that they “respect me as well.” I don’t know how you are with your kids, but if they are staying out of trouble while still loving and respecting you then chances are you are doing excellent as a parent.  I know I am blessed because I had both my mother and my father in my life. Not all kids have “both” of their parents through childhood. Even if you are a single parent, you can “still” make a world of stability in your child’s life. Your child needs you, and at some point you need to let your child go (even though you make sure that they can always come back to you whenever they need to). Respect their lives, and at some point I truly believe they will respect yours. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer

Vintage picture of Brett Jolly with Verdine White, of Earth Wind and Fire