Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Should televangelists have expensive private planes?)

This story has been done before, but for some reason it “still doesn’t feel right.” Jesse Duplantis is a televangelist (and a rather wealthy one). He obviously has a large following and he feels he needs a private $54 million dollar jet in order to preach to the world. He may be right (or he may be wrong). The real question is “Should he get the money for it?” I’m sure there are differing responses to this, but the first thing I will say is that if people are willing to “donate” the money to him for this cause, then there is nothing illegal with him accepting it. As long as the people who are giving him money “know” what he plans to do with the money then who are we to question that? However, I can think of a lot of different things he could do with that money to help people. There are schools that can be bought for $54 million. There are jobs that can be issued for $54 million. There are people who can be helped for $54 million. For those of you who don’t know here is his story:

The average cost of a large private plane is $13,000. There is a very sizable difference between that and $54 million. With worldwide television at his disposal, is a plane of that magnitude even necessary? This pastor says that if Jesus were alive today he would not be riding a donkey. Why not? If Jesus rode a donkey before and managed to convey his message all over the world then why can’t it be done again? When it comes to believing in God I do realize that people have different views. Somehow I have a problem with anyone using the name Jesus or God to raise $54 million for his own private needs (especially when he could use that money for someone else’s benefit). If this is truly the case then should other pastors be entitled to private planes as well? From my own knowledge Jesus didn’t even promote a church. His message was more about “giving.” How does a $54 million dollar plane play into His philosophy? I would love to know how most devoted Christians even feel about this? Do you agree with the Pastor or disagree? Would you follow this man based on what he is asking for? Chances are great that he will get the money for it (but is that really what Jesus would want?) You can make your own judgment. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.