Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (You are…what you think you are….part 2…)

I mentioned this last week, and several people have asked me to explain this even more. Think about this for a minute: People who believe they have bad luck all the time usually do…. They can never win at anything, and they always expect to get the worst outcome of everything. While their luck is truly bad, the reason behind it may actually be attributed to them. When you feel like bad things are going to happen, then you are in essence bringing all the negative energies to you. You are setting yourself up for a bad day. People who are superstitious often have good luck, but that may be due to some thing that that they “believe” is bringing them good luck. As long as they keep that item, they are mentally convinced that they are protected from bad energies and that often makes them feel confident. While the luck they have may be true, the cause behind it could actually be of their own doing.  When you are a confident person your world actually seems “different.” You feel good about taking certain risks and chances are you have a good chance of being successful when you do. All of this could stem from when you wake up in the morning. You either feel good or bad. You feel lucky today or unlucky.  The negative energies could be around you, but it is up to you to allow them to dictate your day. The best way to have a good day is to “simply say today is going to be a good day.” When you wake up thinking that “bad things are going to happen today” then you are usually right. I am not trying to say that everything you encounter luck wise is influenced by positive thinking, but it can have an impact on you. You are blessed to be alive, and if you take the attitude that life is a blessing then things could get better.  Some people will believe in this and some people won’t, but you never know how this is going to turn out until you at least “try” it. Think positive and see if your life gets any better. What do you have to lose? Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer you.

Betty Wright, Vivian Green and Jaguar Wright in concert with Brett Jolly on bass