Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Classic version of a Sly and the Family Stone song taken last night)

We like to take requests all the time. We love to do different tunes as well. We really don’t have a fear of trying any song when we perform on Wednesday nights. When people ask us to play a particular number (that we have never rehearsed before) we simply attempt it. The worse that could happen is that it won’t sound right, but people appreciate the fact the we even try it. ┬áIf you are ever in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area you are invited to join us at the Crab Tavern, 201 North Macdade Blvd in Darby, PA from 8:00 to 12 midnight. We have fun and we simply enjoy music. This is a song that was requested last night. We hope you enjoy it. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.