Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (What to do about the quality of your own life)

When you grow older it is amazing to see how your world changes. People you take for granted become ill (some even die) and all of a sudden your world appears to be much more fragile. One of my friends just recently lost his sister and another one of my friends recently had a stroke. Just about everything that I took for granted in my 20’s is no longer guaranteed now. There isn’t much you can do to stop the changes from happening around you, but you still have some control over your own existence. I had 3 church services and a rehearsal yesterday (I had a gig in Atlantic City the day before) and I was very tired. However, I had a talk with a friend of mine who also believed in increasing the quality of his own life. One of the things we discussed was making sure that you continue to grow as long as you live. In other words, never stop learning new things. When you stop learning you stop growing and essentially your life is over at that point. Also you need to do more to live longer. Taking walks is a good thing to do. I walk whenever the opportunity arises. I will walk around a 5 block area of my neighborhood (sometimes doing so several times a day). Walking not only makes my body feel better, but it also seems to clear my head from a lot of distraction. Finding fun things to do is also healthy. When you engage in “legal safe activity” it can make you feel much better. Changing your diet can also make a huge difference in your life. Finally you need to “stress less.” People will always come at you with things designed to make you feel bad. They can only succeed if you allow them to do so. When someone comes up to me with some crazy drama I instantly inform them that they seconds to change their tune or I will walk away. I mean it.  At some point everyone’s life will end. No one lives forever. This is why it is important for me to increase the quality of my life while I am still here. I have had health issues before. I consider this to be my second chance, and I want to make the most of it. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Dionne Warwick and the O’Jay’s in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar



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