Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (sex strike: Can this “really” work?)

Recently Georgia passed a bill outlawing abortions there. Of course, this action has caused people to comment on this. One woman, Alyssa Milano, has actually called for a “sex strike” until women win autonomy over their own bodies again. So far there has been mixed reaction to this. Can this idea “realistically work?” First, in order for a sex strike to work it would need to be accepted unanimously by all females (or at least most). While that could possibly happen that just doesn’t seem “probable.” If women (and men) abstained from sex in the first place then there wouldn’t be “any” issues with abortion. Condoms sometimes break, people are human and mistakes happen. The real quality of life for any infant comes after birth, because life is essentially longer than just the birth process. If we don’t have the resources to raise the child in a good environment then that could not only endanger that child but possibly someone else’s child as well. Here is Alyssa Milano’s interview on the subject:

I understand the issues of those who consider themselves pro life. To kill an unborn baby could easily be considered murder (that is the truth). However, I do have a problem with those who consider themselves truly pro life. If you are truly pro life, then you CANNOT support the ways of the NRA to grant weapons designed for killing. If you are truly pro life, then you CANNOT support going to war. If you are truly pro life, then you CANNOT support capital punishment or the death penalty. If you are truly pro life, then you CANNOT give more value to one life over another. If we are to make laws banning abortion, then we need to make remedies in place for properly raising all the children “from birth on.” If advocating a sex strike (or promoting abstinance) has not worked to this extent, then I don’t think we should rely on this tactic anymore. Should a government of men dictate control over women’s bodies? “No,” but there needs to be something else in place to ward off unneeded (or unwanted) pregnancies. Some children that have grown up in dysfunctional environments have caused terror and random acts of violence. If we are going to guarantee to bring them here then we need to guarantee them a better quality of life. Hopefully a body of men AND women can come together and work out a viable solution. Alyssa Milano may not have the right idea, but if her actions can bring attention to the matter then that helps. ┬áLet’s hope that we can get everyone on the same page to address this correctly. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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