Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (My daughter graduated)

It is a blessing to see long time goals come to fruition. The very last of my kids graduated this past weekend from college. For those of you who have kids growing up I’m sure you can realize how fulfilling this can be. My daughter Melody graduated from the University of Pittsburgh this past weekend, and it was my pleasure to be there for it. The event was held in a huge stadium, and at first it was very difficult to find her out of all the kids there. However, with due diligence I found her and managed to keep  my long focus camera on her while she accepted her diploma. Keep in mind that I was also in the nose bleed seats way up in the back, so this was no easy task.  Graduations are fun, but I deducted that most times the parents in these ceremonies only want to hear their own child’s name being called and once they do they want to leave right afterwards (because these ceremonies can be rather long at times). The good news for me is that my daughter’s name was called rather early and she left to come outside afterwards. By  the time I finished taking pictures with her the graduation ceremony was still going on. From my house to Pittsburgh college was about a 5 hour drive (At the rate of speed I drive it was only about 4 hours… sorry) (smile). It is a great feeling for any parent to know that their child has grown up right and accomplished things that are positive. This makes me feel really good. I would like to congratulate my daughter Melody again for graduating and I wish the very same for all parents who have children in college. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Norman Connors, Brett Jolly and saxophonist Benny Barksdale

Norman Connors Benny and Brett