Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (The dilemma involving Kate Smith and the Flyers)

Kate Smith was an icon in Philadelphia for a while. She was a singer best known for her rendition of “God bless America” which she sang on many occasions for the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team. It has been said that she was a good luck charm for the team whenever she sang the song. Recently history “reversed course.” The Flyers (and New York) banned her music because of racially disparaging songs she sang somewhere in the 1930’s. One song that was well noted was a tune called “That’s why darkies were born.” To me, racism is evil and in no way do I advocate it. However, I am also a person who judges people not by their past, but rather their present and “perceived” future. The Flyers went as far as to remove Smith’s stature from the hockey arena. For those who would like more information, here is the article:

Kate Smith died in 1986. Yes, she sang racially divisive tunes back in the day, but she never wrote those tunes and I know that most times singers have to do whatever their management “tells” them. If her management didn’t agree then I’m sure she would have never sung the song. Also, that song was done during a time when racism was heavy in our culture. If we are going to censure her now, then what will we do about Elvis or John Wayne? Francis Scott Key wrote a third verse of the Star Spangled Banner that promoted racism. Should we still pay tribute to the song? Presidents Washington and Jefferson both had slaves. It appears that our history is slowly but surely becoming “tainted.” We are now finding out things that seem to reverse popular opinion. Even Michael Jackson was not exempt. If our history is now being damaged by new discoveries, how should we react? I don’t necessarily want to wipe these people clean from our memory plate. However, I do believe that it is about time to create a “new history of events.” Everything must change (in one way or another). We an continue to cling to our past, or we can “re-invent it. I didn’t know Kate Smith. Just because she sang a racist song back in the 1930’s doesn’t necessarily mean that she had racist views when she got older. Yes, the song was evil, and the “song” should be banned everywhere. Considering how “diverse” our DNA is I doubt that there are many (if “any”) people who are truly one hundred percent of any one race anyway. To me, that means that we all are now so different that essentially we all are “the same.” If you have at least one percent of another race in your family ancestry then you are “not” purely one race. That means you are racially discriminatory towards yourself and your family. How far back can you trace “your” family line? Stop showing your family’s ignorance and accept people for who they are. Then you won’t be such an embarrassment to the one race you “claim” to represent… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

KC and the Sunshine Band (KC holding the mic on the left side) jamming with Brett Jolly on bass guitar

KC and Brett


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