Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (For those who never experienced James Brown)

I understand that people have different opinions. One man’s music can be another man’s misery. Many people believe that Jame Brown actually “invented” funk. They may be right. One thing that James Brown did was bring out the more rhythmic patterns in music while focusing less on the sensual ballad melody lines. Let’s face it, James yelled, grunted and groaned his way into stardom. However, there was more to his popularity. James could dance like no one else could. ¬†It was one thing to hear him. It was another to “actually see” him perform. Some people said that James was nothing but a screamer, and in some instances that might be correct. It was stated that James had problems singing anyone else’s songs. The one thing that James did was create a whole new style of music. His bands were “tight” and it was rumored that James directed them with an iron thumb (often docking his musicians money if they missed a note). James was a big hit with Black music, but White people have been known to love his style as well. I remember many years ago going to see James Brown in concert in Atlantic City. On this show he actually performed about 12 slow tunes (I never even thought that James knew any slow tunes). I remember him thanking Donald Trump onstage for the opportunity to perform at one of his casinos. ¬†Unfortunately, I never had the chance to work with James. I came close, though. I was actually scheduled to play bass for a duet with James Brown and Prince, and while the idea was a good one it unfortunately fell apart before it could materialize. Whatever you think of James, the one thing you have to admit was that his style was unique when he was introduced to the world. For those who had never seen him before, here is a sample of what he did:

There are mixed emotions on James Brown, but his popularity still stands to this day. He was excitement all the way through his shows. I just wanted to take this moment to remember the “Godfather of Soul” James Brown. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.