Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought ( One of the greatest inventions ever… the “Block” button on your phone…)

Recently some type of survey showed up on my phone. ┬áIt asked me a lot of questions in exchange for a one thousand dollar credit card from either Walmart or Amazon. In the beginning it stated that the survey would not take long. They lied… No less than one hour after I finished that survey then I began getting a slew of calls from telemarketers asking if I needed home insurance, electrical services and all kinds of other crap. It got to the point where they were calling me about 5 times an hour. They called from all kinds of different phone numbers. I told them to stop calling me and they said they would, but they didn’t. This really started to irritate me, until I found a button on my phone that made a world of difference. When I went to the “text message” area of the phone number there was a little icon there that simply said “block.” Curious, I checked it out a little more to find out that I could actually block these numbers from calling me. Granted, there were a lot of phone numbers listed, but it was my extreme pleasure to go to “each and every one” to block them. Now I have peace from these varmints because they can’t reach me. If they try to access me again from another new phone number I will simply block that too. At one point they tried to call me from a “not available” phone number. Those I just don’t answer. This brilliant button on my phone has given me more peace of mind, and I am so glad that I discovered how to use it. For those of you who like a little less irritation in your lives I strongly suggest you find out where your “block” button is too. No one deserves to be pestered with all these calls from people who only want your money, and will gladly disrupt your day to get it. I can’t wait to see what new things they come up with next so that I can block that too. I wish I could send them a text picture of me sticking my tongue out at them with the subtitle of “rejected.” Take control of your phone and your life again, and find that little icon on your phone. I think you will be glad you did… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

The late Gerald Levert in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar