Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (The real state of the Union)

I don’t need to hear the President give a speech about how great things are. The proof is in the conditions under which we live. Right now the economy doesn’t seem so bad… “yet”…and for that I would have to give the President his props. Whether he initiated it or received the benefits of someone else’s labor our conditions are still good (for right now). However, I do have problems with the things I keep hearing about. This Mueller report seems to dominate the news consistently, and even though it is taking a long while to get completed, the potential of it could hit very hard. As for the president, I find it difficult to believe that he disrespected women, veterans, minorities, other politicians and yet still managed to “win” the White house. I find it hard to believe that he wants a wall to protect us from elements that aren’t just coming to us from the South Border (They are coming in from other places as well). I find it hard to believe that after all the contradicting he has done that he believes he has not lied about anything. For the Mueller report, it is quite possible that he has nothing to fear. If that is the case, then why is he so worried about it? When his ex-fixer, Michael Cohen, testified, he laid out a plan that seemed highly credible, even though he is already a convicted liar. Right now the biggest difference between him and Trump just might be the word “convicted.” Every day I am reading new material on the conditions of this mess. For me, it is taking way too long. If there is anything damaging in the report, what will happen then? I don’t know if you can bring criminal charges against the President (unless he commits something as serious as murder or something). If some of his cronies have already gone to jail then why is it so difficult to believe that the President himself didn’t engage in criminal activity? After all, they “worked” for him, didn’t they? And what about his lawyer, Giuliani? Does anyone else think that this guy is highly confused? Our relations with North Korea were bad, then good, then bad again… I have no idea where we stand with them now. Russia brags about having weapons that we have no defense for. They can “claim” dominance, but they obviously don’t know what we have for them either. Things in the news have sounded so crazy, and right now I don’t know what to make of our circumstances. Sometimes I think we ought to build a wall… just to protect Mexico…. Yes, things in the news sound crazy, and the more you read into it, the more confused you might be. I am growing weary of “possibilities.” If anything is going to happen, by all means “bring it on.” The world is entitled to “answers.” Let’s hope we can get them… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Harold Melvin’s Bluenotes in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar