Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (being older)

I would like to say that getting older doesn’t bother me. The alternative to it does. I feel I have a lot more to give in life and the end to it bothers me. Of course no one lives forever but as far as I know we only have one life to give and I want to make the most of my opportunity.  Just imagine yourself dead and then going to meet your supreme  maker. If you did and then asked for another chance at life then it is quite possible that you have been given this chance. God may have erased your memory  of it and right now could be your last chance. That is why it is so important  to live your life right while you can.  I am fairly pleased with my life but there is so much more that I want to accomplish.  I hope to make the most of it. We shall see if I am successful.  Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.