Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“History”)

When you break it down into it’s primary parts, history is basically defined as “his… story.” It is what we have heard from others that we often compute as being the truth. However, when you eventually find out more facts, what does it do to all that you believe? For instance, I was taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America, and yet when he came here there were allegedly people already here before him. If he truly discovered it, then why wasn’t he the only one in this area? Another interesting tidbit was that Abraham Lincoln supposedly freed the slaves. The interesting part of this is that he freed the slaves in the north (but once they reached the north, they were automatically free anyway). When you consider any of this to be factual then what did he actually do? It was reported to me that George Washington never told a lie. How does anyone know that for sure? Who “really ” killed John Kennedy (and his brother Robert?). Thomas Jefferson had children with his slaves. Should we honor the memory of that? The plane that supposedly crashed in the middle of Pennsylvania on 9-11 had a story to it. It was alleged that the passengers tried to overtake the hijackers and that was when the plane crashed. However, that plane was alleged to have been late taking off (and like the other planes it was directed to go land at the nearest airport). Once that plane veered in another direction, I’m sure they tried to radio the pilot of the plane to ask why it was doing so. If they didn’t get the right answers from the pilot (and I’m sure they “didn’t” get the right answers) then what do you think authorities did? Rather than wait for that plane to get to the White House it would have made sense for authorities to “shoot it down.” When I saw the pictures of the hole in the ground where the plane “supposedly landed” I was intrigued (because there was no semblance of the the plane left, which was highly unusual). When you think about it, how can that happen? I believe that this is what they “wanted” us to believe (and this is what history does to us).  Whether you want to believe that Michael Jackson and Prince (2 EXTREMELY health conscious people) were killed or died from drug overdoses is up to you. It is amazing how they both died in the same manner. Quite a coincidence, isn’t it? History is stated in accordance to what they want you to believe. If you accept it as fact then your beliefs are what others have set for you.  There is nothing wrong with crosschecking history and discovering for yourself. You might find a more believable reality in the process. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Paul Shafer (from Dave Letterman show) and Thomas Bell with Brett Jolly on bass guitar)


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