Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (So the Super Bowl was yesterday)

I think we all recognize that the Super Bowl is probably the biggest promoted sports event of the year. Yesterday’s game featured the New England Patriots against the LA Rams. The final score of the game was New England, 13, and the Rams, 3. ┬áThe game itself wasn’t much of a nail biter, and I think most people predicted that the Patriots would win it. The thing that usually brings the most excitement is the commercials and the music (halftime show). Some of the commercials were fairly entertaining while some were a little perplexing. I think yesterday’s commercials were better than the game itself. I love to check out the music. This year there was controversy stemming from a political stance for artists. ┬áColin Kaepernick (former football player) started an issue when he knelt for the National Anthem in protest of police violence against minorities. Many artists supported him and decided to boycott the Super Bowl in support of him and the issue. While I understand the cause perfectly, I don’t know whether it is proper to let it effect a football game. There are other ways to make a stance. However, if you wish to do so doing a football game then I don’t see any harm in that either. Communication is vital and we all should have responsibilities to make our stances known. Gladys Knight sang the Nation Anthem (and did an excellent job doing so) and Maroon 5 (along with rapper Travis Scott, who had to be bleeped out several times) were the halftime acts. I’m sure many people will have something to say about those who performed for the halftime show, but promoting an end to police violence doesn’t have to be relegated to only football games. When it comes to the National Anthem I support our country, even though I don’t necessarily support the anthem. Francis Scott Key had a third verse in the Star Spangled banner that supported racism, and that I simply cannot condone. I still have love for my country, though. There are political issues of all kinds in this world, and I don’t feel that any of us have to be muted for what we believe in. Diversity is what makes us all special. Hopefully we all can make our points without judgment in the ways that we see fit. Otherwise, we may end up bringing everything down… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Nathan Watts (Bass player for Stevie Wonder) and Brett Jolly