Brett Jolly’s daily Thought (Remembering my moments with singer James Ingram)

I just heard yesterday that legendary singer James Ingram died at the age of 66 from brain cancer. I worked with him years ago and he was a lot of fun. At one point he told the people around us that he, my brother bill and I were all brothers (We all looked alike so people actually bought it). He told me some stories about his dealings with Quincy Jones and other things. He mentioned that his hit song “One hundred ways” was really a demo tape and that he wasn’t officially signed to Quincy. His story is one of those that will bring out the reality of the music industry. James was a nice guy, but you could tell that if someone came up to him wrong that he had the tendency to go ballistic on them. Years ago there was an r&B group called Zingara and they had a hit tune years ago entitled “Love’s calling.” Most people don’t even know it, but James Ingram actually sang the lead on that track. Also, James had a brother, Philip Ingram, who was part of a legendary group entitled “Switch.” Switch had 3 great albums and then disappeared. I remember one day I actually got a call from Phillip because he wanted me to consider becoming a Jehovah’s witness. That never happened but we actually spent more time talking about the group Switch and discussing why they broke up. It was a conversation that I will never forget. While James had success with his career he was still not at the point he wanted to be. It seemed as though the music industry would only let him go but so far. He was a great talent that will be missed… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

James Ingram and Brett Jolly (With Sheldon Reynolds from Earth, Wind and fire and Johnny Croom, former musical director for Boy’z II Men, Alliyah and Genuwine in background)

James Ingram

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