Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Some New Year’s resolutions I would “love” to see)

Yes this is an upcoming new year. Naturally, there are some changes that I would really love to see happen (with me as well as with others). First I would love to see a United States society that is a lot less dependent on the ways of Republicans and Democrats. If each party could just cater to the issues of the people who elected them and less on the ways of the party I think life could be so much better. Also I would love to see more gun control. Our government spends so much time dealing with trying to keep illegal immigrants out of the country that we hardly deal with the terrorists who already reside within our borders. There are so many people who are in need of mental health and it seems as though we are supplying them more guns instead of helping them. I would love to see women “respected more” and treated with equality rather than harassment and abuse. I would love to see a music industry that promotes more talent instead of marketability.  Some of the talent that we have featured is nowhere close to that of years past. I would love to see cable television go down. This company is charging people a lot for cable television, and recently I have heard of new ways for people to get cable channels. Even though some of these ways are considered illegal, I am glad that people now have different choices. I feel that some of the prices that cable is charging people should be consider illegal as well.  For the upcoming new year I would love to experience less “lies” from people in high politics. The lies have become so common that very few people even want to listen anymore. I hope the truth becomes aware to all in this upcoming year. For me, I want to live in peace without dealing with the stress of others. So many people want you for their own agenda. I want to live for my own agenda.   I realize that this may seem like a lot, and chances are that very little (or maybe no action at all) will result from what I am asking for. However, I still would love to see it anyway. I hope your new years’ resolutions are good wishes.  Maybe if we all can wish for the same things we can make good things happen. Thank you so much for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Brothers Bill and Brett Jolly on the cover of a magazine