Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Christmas tomorrow: Does Trump’s border wall seem to fit the season?)

Tomorrow, Tuesday December 25, 2019 should be Christmas Day. I don’t want (or need) to say a lot about American politics today, but this crossed my mind. Will this border wall that President Trump wants help us, or will it only make things more confusing? Right now there is a partial shutdown of the government, and about 400,000 people are without jobs for the holidays. Is the concept of having a wall at the border more of a concern than employment? Trump also said that Mexico will pay for the wall to be constructed. If Mexico is paying for it, then why does Trump need money from us? Will this wall stop all the elements from coming into the US that Trump mentioned (rapists, criminals and drugs)? This is one article/opinion on the effects of a wall:

Sometimes we all need to look beyond the surface to see what others really want. It is difficult for me to believe that even if a wall were to be constructed that criminals wouldn’t just find “some other way” to infiltrate the country with drugs and crime. These guys are getting past a guarded secure border anyway. How do we know that they can’t find other ways to get into the country? If the wall is built and drugs continue to cross into the country then all that money spent will be wasted. I don’t think that is worth shutting down the government for. I do want a safer United States of America. As much as I would like to keep foreign terrorists out I would also like to prevent the terrorists “who already reside in our country” from committing senseless acts of violence. The Parkland shootings, the Columbine shootings, The Vegas shootings (at Mandalay Bay) are prime examples of terroristic acts committed by people who were already here within our country. What is being done about the gun laws to prevent them from killing innocent people? What border wall will prevent that? If we are to truly “make America great” then we need to look at ALL aspects of doing so (including combating the NRA), not just specific topics that specific people choose. Tomorrow is Christmas. The only thing I want is a “peaceful day.” Considering the nature of some people, that may be too much to ask for. Either way, “Merry Christmas, everyone.”

The Whispers in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar

The Whispers and Brett

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