Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought ( What would YOU say?)

A hypothetical question: Let’s suppose that you came across a  9 to 10 year old boy with bad circumstances. Let’s suppose he had a father who was in jail and a mother who was constantly strung out on crack cocaine. The boy could be African American (Black) and poor. The boy could have tattered clothing and could seem unkempt. If you knew these circumstances to be true, what would you actually “say” to this child? Would you try to encourage him to use his circumstances to make a better life for himself? Would you offer the child help to motivate him to a better lifestyle? Would you wish him luck knowing in the back of your mind that jail awaits him once he gets old enough to commit a crime? Would you just automatically assume that he is a lost cause that no one can help and say nothing at all? What would you say? The truth about this situation is that this won’t say as much about the child as it says about “you.” Children need guidance, and a child cannot help the circumstances he or she was born with. For you to automatically assume that this child’s life will go nowhere means that “you have given up hope.” Your mentality contributes to the negative values of the child and you could become part of the reason for the child’s failure in society. That child needed a supportive hand “just like you did growing up.” Granted, your situation may not have been as bad off as this boy but without the proper guidance you could have ended up in a bad situation as well. When a child lacks any positive activity then that child will only go out to create his “own” activity. Of course, this might not be positive at all.  When I grew up, I knew other boys who got involved in gangs. I had a friend who was a good boy growing up until he fell in with the wrong element and committed two murders. Their lives could have gone in different directions. I had parents who “cared” about me, and I believe that is why my life is so blessed today. Some will not care about what I am saying today, but I hope you keep this in mind. A child without a strong presence in his or her life can become a problem to an innocent person who happens to become a victim to that child’s negative activities. That victim could easily be you (or someone related to you).  You may not think this child’s problem is yours, but his bad upbringing could easily become “your” problem under the wrong circumstances.  Love can go a long way if utilized correctly. If you stop prejudging people with your eyes you just might be able to save others in need. It could start with you… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life  has to offer…..

Harold Melvin’s Bluenotes in concert with Brett Jolly on bass