Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (children)

The innocence of children is so genuine and angelic. They are honest in what they feel. They start out with no reason to hate and they have so much to learn. They are dependent on an adult figure to guide them in the right direction. The difference between the views of a young child and an adult depends heavily on what they have been “taught.” If they learn the ways of hatred it is because they have experienced it through the teachings of someone else. That is why the future of our world rests in the heart of our kids. They won’t keep their innocence forever. They have to learn just like we did growing up. If parents could be more responsible with their kids then the world would not have so many issues. Of course, we all know that being the “best” of parents is no guarantee that a child won’t make a mistake, but at least a responsible parent should help to minimize any damage. If parents don’t live right then how can they expect their kids to be that way? Raising a child is a “huge” responsibility. We need to invest more into the welfare of our young ones. Even if you raise a child perfectly and that child becomes an honor student, that child could one day come across a troubled youth whose parents neglected him or her and then become a victim to a random act of terror. If this society is to survive we ALL need to take responsibility when it comes to our kids.  I can guarantee that right now there is a troubled child out there waiting for the opportunity to inflict harm or do damage. That child needs our help. Just focusing on your own child will not do it. We need to protect ALL the children of the world. Some will not see this, but as long as we have random shootings, abused women, and evil acts then there will always be a need for guidance. It would be great if we could catch our kids “before” they reach that point. For the sake of everyone else, please lets save the children. They will inherit this world once we are older, and they will inherit the conditions we have left them. If we can give them a chance, then it might make a difference. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Singer Ashanti with Brett Jolly on bass guitar



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