Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (How the Jacksons are doing now without Michael)

I had heard that the rest of the Jackson brothers had gotten together to go on tour on their own. I applaud this decision because I always felt that they had talent too. So much emphasis was put on Michael that often the reputation of the brothers was maligned when people referred to them. I wanted to actually see them in concert to hear how it would sound without Michael but could never get to see them. Well, I discovered this video of them in concert. At some points the video is blurry but it contains enough to determine what is going on at their shows. First off, a lot of the tunes that were done with Michael are now being done in different keys (“Way off” different keys). That is not much of an issue because even Michael himself performed those songs in different keys.  Next I looked at the guitar players in the band (Jermaine and Tito). I noticed how they were not playing much while moving around. There was another bass guitar playing on stage so obviously Jermaine didn’t have to play, and when I looked at Tito there were moments when he was not playing either. The voices sounded nothing like Michael at all.  It was great to see them still perform though, and I can honestly say that I “would” pay to see them live in concert. I will share this video with you so that you can see for yourself. Hopefully if the Jacksons come to your area you can support them.  Their talent didn’t end when Michael died. Now they have the opportunity to showcase themselves with Michael, and I applaud that decision. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.