Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (How to appreciate a cloudy, dreary and rainy day)

Every day can’t be perfect sunshine. The weather will not always be perfect for outside activity. You have no control over that. Only God does. However, you can make the most of the natural circumstances by your own planning. Just consider your options on days when you are stuck inside. I “love” rainy days. For me, they are perfect for opportunity. When a day is dreary I will usually work on something like music. I can try to finish up a project I am currently working on or I can just do one from scratch. Either way this is my chance to make something positive happen. If you spend most of your existence dredding rainy days then you are wasting energy. Once you start feeling negative attitudes about rainy days, then you lose a significant portion of your life. Embrace it, and make it work “for” you. Currently here in Philadelphia we are experiencing rain. I think it is supposed to be this way for the entire week. To me that means I need to accomplish something… and I will… Hopefully you will feel the same. Please keep in mind that you “did manage to wake up today to enjoy it.”  That should be the greatest reason to love rainy days. I hope you enjoy your day no matter what the climate is outside. Thank you for checking out my Daily Though, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Sorry for the  far out picture. This is Chaka Khan in concert with Brett Jolly on bass



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