Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Bill Cosby found guilty in trial)

In my hometown (not far from where I live) comedian Bill Cosby was retried for assault. Once considered “America’s favorite dad” Cosby was one of a “very few” favorite Black role models left at that time. Just about everyone respected him (and loved him). Cosby was accused of sexually violating a woman and many people (including me) never thought he would ever be found guilty. For me, it didn’t necessarily mean that I thought he never did it. I just felt that with his money, fame and his popularity that he could ever be “proven” guilty. The real issue here is what they can do with him. At his age, putting him in jail would be paramount to killing him. He can’t see and he is way too feeble to properly survive in a prison cell. They can make him pay money for restitution. That he has plenty of, but I just can’t imagine any judge putting this guy in jail. His career is ruined now, but at his age there wasn’t much more he could do anyway. I believe the lawyers for Cosby were pinning all their hopes on one witness who claimed that his accuser was lying. A lady by the name of Marguerite was called to testify and she told her story. This lady was one of my models I once featured with the red bass guitar. Her picture is below. Reaction to Cosby’s verdict drew a split response from just about everyone I talked to. Cosby is Black and his accusers were White (the good thing is that race wasn’t mentioned as a focal point of this court case. I have no idea if it was a point when it came to reaching a verdict.) The one thing I do know is that now there are a ton of other men who are being taken to court over sexual inappropriate behavior. If they can get Cosby, do you think they will get the rest of these guys too? At this point what are the chances that they will get to the President? Stay tuned, for I have a feeling this show is only “just beginning.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Marguerite, who testified in the Bill Cosby trial