Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Vanilla Ice)

“”Many” years ago this guy came on the music scene with a song (that was sampled or stolen from another hit song) that ultimately became a big hit. He was in a genre that mostly featured African Americans and still managed to top out at number one on the charts. If I remember correctly the song made about 9 million dollars. The song was entitled “Ice, ice baby” and the rapper’s name was Vanilla Ice. For those of you “young enough” to remember, here is the actual song:

Of course, once this song became a big hit, his image was slandered by “many.” I remember he was once accused of stealing lyrics, and many people didn’t like the fact that he made it so big so quickly (and unfortunately, the fact that he was White probably had a lot to do with this as well). Well, after this song, his music career eventually “sank” in quicksand. Most rappers rarely still hang around after their music career is done, but this guy is now into “home remodeling” and from what I hear he has done significantly well with it. He has a show entitled the “Vanilla Ice Project” and on this program he fixes up homes. I have never seen the show, but if he made 14 million from it then evidently he is doing something right. He had fallen on bad times and even did drugs in attempts to kill himself. Here is his story about how bad things had gotten:

The true quality of someone’s life should be determined not from where they came from but rather from where they are heading. Today this man has a family and has money. How many ex rappers can even say that? Congrats to Vanilla Ice and his journey to stay afloat. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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