Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (What if?)

Today’s Daily Thought may anger some people and it might confuse others, but I would like to bring out some hypothetical possibilities that many would not consider. How would you feel if most of what you have been taught was not exactly accurate or true? What if we had NEVER landed on the moon? What if JFK had been killed by someone else other than Lee Harvey Oswald? What if Michael Jackson and Tupac were still alive? What if Jesus Christ didn’t look anything like the pictures we have seen? It is tough relying on the facts and observations of others because their depictions may not have been precise at all. If we had not been there then “the only thing we have is what others tell us.” Does that make them right? Our history is often augmented to make certain things look good (even if they weren’t that good to start with). I would strongly suggest you Google the “real” story of Christopher Columbus to see if he “really did discover America” or if it was discovered by a person (or people) other then him. The real story might well surprise you. There have been several different philosophies on whether or not we landed on the moon. If you go to and search you might be
“shocked” at what you find. There are videos that show proof that we “never” landed on the moon as they say we did. There is even video footage of a flag that seems to “blow in the wind” (of course, that can’t happen because there is NO wind on the moon). There are now newer theories about who killed JFK and while someone knows the real truth it has still not been revealed it yet. Speculation about Michael Jackson and Tupac have been rampant for a long time about both of them actually still being alive. I find interesting the fact that history doesn’t make a lot of mention about what Jesus Christ actually looked like. He was from the Egypt area where most people had darker color skin (however this would not necessarily make him Black or African American). The current pictures we all see of him tend to give him certain physical features that may not be accurate at all. In fact, here is an article I found in regards to his appearance:

Based of the image portrayed by others, if Christ did come back probably no one would recognize him. We have history to rely upon, but we all need to remember what history is: “His-story.” It is what others have said, based on the truth that they “think” they know. I am not telling anyone that what they have learned is a lie, but there is nothing wrong with digging deeper into knowledge to learn more. Sometimes having that extra knowledge can make the biggest difference in your life. You can spend your life depending on others, or you can find out for yourself. There is nothing wrong with being self taught. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Bonnie Raitt in concert with Brett Jolly on bass