Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Being there for a friend)

Sometimes when you look at things on the surface  your views can get very tainted. I don’t judge books by their covers. I could not post a Daily Thought yesterday because I was busy supporting a friend. Without going into a lot of details (or saying the name of this friend) I will simply say that he had been accused of a very heinous crime. I was not there when the crime happened, but I believe in my friend so I went to be there for him. Don’t get me wrong, my friend was not  perfect in any regard. He had 16 years of priors for smaller offenses already on his record. That came out yesterday. In fact, that was the main reason he was already incarcerated. However, the big charge that they currently have against him just doesn’t feel right (In my own opinion). Other than testimony  from the alleged victim I don’t think they have any evidence against him. Most people would probably look at the charges alone and formulate a very negative opinion against him. I don’t work that way. Innocent people have been incarcerated before (some for many years before they were finally exonerated). Just as easily as they could find against him they could do the same for you and me. I am not trying to say that my friend is innocent. I was not there to know for sure, but I do believe in my heart that he truly is innocent. How far would you go to support a friend? To a fault I like to believe in people. I will go to bat for them whenever necessary. Am I always right? No… but that still doesn’t stop me from caring. You may have a situation very similar when it comes to a friend of yours. The easiest thing to do is formulate a negative opinion about someone (or something) without getting all the facts. That’s not my way… This case was postponed until another day. I will try to go back for him when the new date arrives. That is what caring is really about for me. Thank you so much for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Al Sharpton, Dick Gregory and Brett Jolly

Al Sharpton and Dick Gregory