Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Expectations of others)

I just recently read a blog about how sad someone was feeling regarding the expectations of others. This person didn’t blame the others, but took full responsibility instead. We all have expectations, and often we get depressed when other people don’t live up to them. A long time ago I took the path of “seeing people for who and what they are instead of trying to make them out to be who I want them to be.” I think this helps me achieve a better sense of reality in my life. This concept can probably help you too. If someone cannot understand the stress of what you are going through, then stop trying to get that person to advise you. If someone can’t have faith in you, then don’t look for their loyalty. Often many of us leave problems alone in hopes that they will somehow “miraculously” heal on their own. The truth is that this rarely ever happens. Ignoring it never helps because it only comes back again, sometimes even worse than before. You can’t control everyone else’s life, but you can have some degree of control over your own. When people get funky attitudes, bad vibes and negative concepts you don’t have to let them bring you down to their level. Sometimes you have to “let go of people” just to have inner peace. Love is more difficult. If someone you love is slowly destroying themselves, you can “hope” that it gets better or you can “save yourself while you still can.” On many occasions girlfriends, boyfriends and others have gotten killed simply because they couldn’t see the danger of who they loved. I knew of one young lady who ¬†many years ago was hooked up with a man that she said had control and anger issues. She told me that she knew how to handle him. One day he got angry with her over something, and then ended her life with a gun just before he killed himself with it. Her 9 year old daughter came into the room afterwards to witness the entire event and it has had a strong psychological ¬†effect on her since. We have “options” but if we refuse to acknowledge them then we are doomed by our own shortcomings. Your expectations of others may not be realistic, but your expectations of yourself “need” to be as realistic as possible. Be responsible for your own survival, and make the most of what you want to be with or without someone else in your life. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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