Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (What is up with this Stormy Daniels situation?)

Stormy Daniels is a porn star. Stormy Daniels is also basking in a lot of current publicity  because of her “alleged affair” with the President of the United States. Stormy Daniels is way more popular now than she ever has been. Stormy wants to tell her story so that she become even more famous. Until her story can be told she really isn’t saying much, but yet a lot of people still want to interview her anyway. How should this be taken? For me, Presidential affairs seem very common. Whether it is Marilyn Monroe or Monica Lewinsky these things surface from time to time. I believe there have been many other coverups that a lot of people don’t know about. If I were Donald Trump, I would allow this woman to just tell her story. At some point it is going to get told anyway. The more he tries to deny and conceal it the more attention it is getting and the bigger it is becoming. If she does in fact “tell her story” then I don’t think too many people will really care. Trump was a millionaire playboy. I don’t think anyone can refute that. He is already President, so this can no longer hurt his election chances. If she is lying then all that is really needed is to simply say “prove it.” Anyone can say anything they like, but until they have proof it is simply talk. I believe most people think he was involved with her already. I played for Trump’s birthday party many years ago and I personally saw him talking with topless models (and I do mean topless). I already know what everyone else pretty much knows. This story will not go away, so why even bother trying to hide it anymore? If he never met the woman (like he claims) then there was no need for any type of agreement between them (thus there was no need for her to be paid anything). If he did meet the woman and had a sexual relationship with her then who cares? When things seem inevitable then why sweat it? It will disappear quicker if you stop trying to make it go away. Time will tell the rest of the story on this one. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Estelle (“American Boy”) at sound check with Brett Jolly on bass guitar

estelle 9j

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