Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“OJ again?”)

I had heard that an old interview on OJ Simpson was recently released to the pubic, in which he “hypothetically” discusses the details of the murder of his wife Nicole and Ron Goldman. Many years ago OJ was “acquitted” of this crime and it was labeled as the “trial of the century.” This article today is not about whether or not he actually committed the crime or not. That was many years ago and OJ ended up in jail anyway for another crime. So why bring it back again now? OJ’s life has already been ruined and he knows he needs to keep a low profile or else he could possibly end up back in jail (or worse). He is hated and scorned for his deeds by many. For some reason this interview was stifled years ago, and now it has been released for the public to hear. If the public needed to hear it, then it should have been released back then. OJ most certainly didn’t ask for this to be released now. I think “finally” OJ has gotten to the point where he knows he needs to keep a “very low existence” while he can. For those who would like to check out public reaction to the new interview you can find it in this article:

This issue needs to be laid to rest. Did OJ commit this crime? In my mind, probably so. Did he get away with it? In my mind, he did, but got punished in other ways (He went to jail for 9 years for another crime). Do we need to let this go? Yes, OJ is old now and this news benefits no one at this stage of life. There are “many” people who served a lot of years in prison for crimes they didn’t commit that have been recently released with new technology that proved their innocence. In this circumstance the justice system probably did the exact opposite. If there is anything that needs fixing, it should be the justice system. If we are going to fix it, we need to make sure it is fixed for “all” people, not just the ones “we” choose. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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