Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“At what point should you give up on it?”)

Everyone should have limitations. What are yours? If you are in a relationship and realize your partner can be “dangerous” at times, how long should you stay with him (or her?) People have lost their lives supporting people who made bad decisions. A friend of mine was terrible when it came to driving while tired. His wife stuck with him through thick and thin until they both lost their lives one night crashing the car on the Atlantic City expressway from fatigue.  I know of one lady who was the girlfriend of a well known drug dealer. He drove around in a fancy red car and I said that his life was about to be over. The very next day people caught up with him (and his girlfriend) and killed them both. I also knew a sound engineer who had a great career but couldn’t control his drinking until one night he crashed his car and ended his life.  Right now I know of a lady who has a great man, but when he gets drunk bad things happen. He will say and do things in public that will not only embarrass her but could very possibly hurt her. They both live together, but should she stay with him? When he is sober he is the nicest guy in the world. Many years ago my mother became an alcoholic. On many occasions she came very close to having an accident with my brother and me in the car. One day we came home to find out that she shot herself during her drunken stage. We were young and had no choice but to stay with her, and we are fortunate to still be alive. She was put into alcoholics anonymous and she stayed sober until she died from ovarian cancer in 2004. When she had a problem with alcohol her symptoms were the same as everyone else. She said that she really didn’t have a problem. She also said that she could quit anytime she wanted to. I know the signs for alcoholism. When people say that they really don’t have a problem then that is a strong sign for concern. Should you stay with someone like that? I say that you should “test” their love for you in that circumstance. You should ask them to go to Alcoholics Anonymous just to see if they would do it for you. If they choose the alcohol over you then it may be time to rethink your situation. I would never tell anyone to break up with somebody, but if your health and safety are at serious risk then you need to think about your options. Too many people have lost their lives making bad decisions or putting their faith into someone else. Alcohol addiction is a bad disease that  can endanger everyone. Love is important, but love should never blind you to the real possibilities. Your mate’s actions could seriously impact your life. How much control over you should he or she be allowed to have? Think about it, because the decision you make could alter your own existence. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Comedian Chris Tucker, brother Bill Jolly and Brett Jolly in concert

Chris Tucker