Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“How I think we should all combat racism”)

Racism has increased it’s awareness significantly over the last decade. There has been a rise in White Nationalism and hate of others who are different, but can any of it be truly justified? People who  claim to be of a “pure” race may be “anything but pure” without them even knowing. Think about it. Each person’s DNA is different because there is no way to verify the ancestry of everyone in your family line. Even twin brothers or sisters can have different DNA. If you are a White person with 1% Black within you, then technically you are “NOT purely White.” If you look at most Black folk you can “visibly see” that they are not of “perfect African heritage” because their skin color would be “significantly dark” as opposed to “relatively dark.” Some people will go with “how they look or who they relate to” but that is NOT a certified guarantee of what (or who) you are. In order to figure out your “true” ethnicity you would have to verify your mother and father, their parents, and the parents behind each of them (and so on). Depending on how far back generations go your clarifications could be “endless.” The chances of you finding a genetic line so pure that it only shows one specific race should be “extremely rare.” If this sounds confusing then maybe this article will help:

The truth of the matter is that if most White Supremacists took DNA of their family line into account there would probably be a LOT LESS White Supremacists active today. Naturally if they cannot verify their “entire” family history then their claim of being pure is only “opinion and speculation.” I would love to see EVERYONE get a DNA test, because there are so many different ethnicities out there that I just can’t imagine anyone being of only one race anymore. For those people who claim to be ONLY one ethnicity I would simply tell them “PROVE IT.” If they can’t, then they could be just as Black (or Asian, or Indian, etc) as anyone else. Racism is a perceived concept based on “what we THINK we know.” Hatred based on racism shows ignorance. Your race does not determine who you are…. Your content of character does. When someone comes up to you and declares that they are better than you based on race alone, just simply tell them to “prove it… in fact, prove ALL of it…” If they can’t do that, then ALL they are doing is talking loud… “but saying nothing…” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Singers Wayne Brady (Host of Lets make a deal) and Kenny Lattimore in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar


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