Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Would it make sense to arm teachers in school?”)

President Donald Trump has recently called for arming a small significant amount of teachers in the classrooms. In his view this would be a type of self defense for violence like the incident that just happened in Florida recently. Would that work as a deterrent or could that possibly cause even more problems? There are people who are strongly against this and you can read about it here:

Often there are “innocent victims” in crimes. There are people who have been killed by stray bullets and people who were in the wrong places at the wrong time. As much as guns were used to kill people do we honestly believe that the answer is simply to have “more guns?” Also, for some reason I keep envisioning some teacher waving a firearm in the air saying “I JUST KNOW you’re going to get an A out of THIS class.” I read the article yesterday from a prominent figure at the NRA who lambasted the media about his rights. He kept mentioning that people want to take away his guns. I honestly have never heard that mentioned. I DID hear where people wanted stronger background checks and tests so that it would not be so easy for a deranged person to obtain a gun. No offense to Trump, but I just don’t think that answer is to just “arm EVERYONE.” Once I see a little 6 year old girl start bringing guns to school that will be it for me. I can’t imagine why the answer seems so difficult to this. Stronger gun laws will make it much more difficult for people with mental illness or a deranged mind to kill. A LOT of these people make their intentions known on Facebook and other social media. You can ALREADY SEE the warning signs posted on their pages. If you interview them they will probably “TELL YOU” what they plan to do with the gun. WHY ARM them so easily with the weapons they seek to reek the carnage they want? I realize that there are some people out there who will strongly disagree with me, but that is only because they have not become victims yet to a crazy person with a gun. I would love to see a law where anyone who sells a gun to someone without a background check is deemed “just as responsible” as the perpetrator and is subjected to jail time as well. I bet THAT will alleviate a lot of this. Needless to say, if a politician accepts money from the NRA then his views are influenced and affected by the ones who supported him. That is another argument for another time. Guns don’t kill. The people who use the guns do. Take away their guns and avoid the loss of life… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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