Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Musical impersonators… Does this work for you?”)

“Tribute bands.” When you pay your money to see them, do you think you are truly getting your money’s worth? Right now some of these Tribute bands are doing rather well. They “impersonate” the actual artists and some people will pay to see them. In a lot of cases some of the actual artists are dead or no longer able to perform, so these people will “pretend” to be them onstage for money. For many groups that were well established 15 to 20 years ago you wouldn’t even know who was original or not. There are a couple of Stylistics out there. There are a couple of Delfonics performing. At one point there were a couple of Temptations out there. There are many Platters out there. There are tribute bands for the Beatles and Tina Turner (I actually played for one, and she had a very big production going on). I have even heard of a Billy Joel tribute band out there. Does it matter to you whether or not you are seeing the original artists perform? I have heard the debate that some people don’t believe that an artist should make money off of the fame of another. However, if the originals are dead then does that mean that the music cannot be carried on? I played once for Jackie Wilson’s son, who not only looks but in many instances “sounds and dances” just like his father. He is NOT his father, but he is still entertaining to see. He admitted that he didn’t even realize that Jackie was his father until later on in his life, and now he is enjoying the benefits of his heritage. Also, I once played for a group who actually “stole” the name of the group they tried to impersonate. This group called themselves “The Futures” and they didn’t realize that one of the original members lived on my block. I informed the original member and he “made sure” to be in attendance for this show. No one lives forever. At some point we all have our dates with destiny. Do you believe that their music has to die with them, or should others be allowed to carry their music on? As with just about everything, money can make the difference. The question here is whether or not people “even know” what they are paying for. What works for you? Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Michael Jackson

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