Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“No, I am not that OTHER Brett Jolly”)

I received an email from a woman somewhere in Asia. Normally I think those kinds of emails are scams and I rarely read them, but something about this message peaked my interest. She mentioned her name and said that she was only one of the victims of that “other” Brett Jolly. For the record, I have discovered that there are about 5 or 6 “Brett Jolly’s” that I know of in this world, but there is one in particular that has simply caused an uproar. I think I managed to talk to him many years ago, but it appears that at one point this Brett Jolly claimed to find “the world’s biggest diamond, only for everyone to discover later on that it was all a “fake.” This hoax was pretty bad, but then this man seemingly went on to do more. He “allegedly” plotted the Green Planet Investment holdings and Privilege Wealth concepts to defraud about 8,000 people of their holiday savings. Here is an article about what he has done:–scams.aspx

For the record, I do NOT condone nor support the scamming or conning of anyone for evil purposes. I am really sorry that this happened and I am even “more sorry” that he managed to sully my name in the process. If he happens to read this post I hope he rights his wrongs and gives back the money he owes to everyone. I remember years ago someone was actually mad at me while thinking that I was the one behind all this negative news. I never realized exactly how bad things were with this man until this lady alerted me to his deeds. I am a musician in Philadelphia and I believe in helping people, not hindering them for my own selfish gain. First off, I hope that people will recognize the difference between us. Second, I hope that people will become “more aware” of any concept out there that wants your money. I like to check out ALL reviews (many of which can be found online) before investing any money into any thing. There are crooks all over the world, and many of them make a living out of what they do. Please don’t become a victim. Lastly, I hope that “this Brett Jolly is brought to justice.” He may (or may not) claim to be a victim to these scams, but even if he is also a victim he still needs to “make things right” with the people he fleeced. I don’t know his whole story (but I don’t need to know it either). Right is right and wrong is wrong. For those of you who thought I was someone else, I apologize for that misunderstanding. This lady’s story touched me, and I sincerely hope that she gets her investment back. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

A rather broad view of Chaka Khan in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar