Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles”)

To our surprise, Philadelphia’s football team earned the honor of being the “best in football” last night. In the “final and biggest game of the year” they beat the New England Patriots (the defending champs) 41 to 33. The game was “extremely hype” and not great for people who had bad hearts (smile). The great thing about the victory is the storyline that goes along with it. During the season this football team had some of it’s best players “injured.” Instead of falling apart they used the situation to rise up. Most notable was the injury at quarterback. Carson Wentz injured his knee during a game (he was playing at an MVP level). Once he was done, the backup quarterback (Nick Foles) was cast into the starting lineup. While things were a little shaky with him at first, Nick began raising the level of his game (while others were writing the Eagles off for lack of a good quarterback). Nick “lit the stadium up” last night.” He was hitting receivers all over the place. The Patriots are a very smart and well coached football team. They have been known to make adjustments and come back on everyone. For any football team to put up over 30 points means that their offense was “rolling.” The problem for them is that the Eagles got defensive stops “when it counted.” For all of the playoff games the Eagles were “underdog” pics to win any of them, and that is exactly what made this team so special. I am from Philadelphia and I actually was correct on all the game predictions. I even predicted that the Eagles would “blow out” the Minnesota Vikings (and that is exactly what happened). There is something to be said for “teamwork.” Congratulations are in order for the Philadelphia Eagles. Last night the people of Philadelphia went crazy in the streets (I know Philadelphia very well, and I am not surprised by this at all). The real question is “how many people got arrested last night?” I should find that out this morning. There were a lot of police cars out last night, so hopefully all celebrations were peaceful. Congrats again to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Super Bowl Champions of 2018.

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