Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“last night I gave a lecture to young students about the music industry”)

Last night was very cool. I talked to young students about the principles of the music business. I talked about how “un-angelic” the industry can be, and how the industry doesn’t necessarily need talent in order to thrive. Many people feel that if they have a great product that nothing else should be needed. Having a great song (and great talent ability) isn’t even half the battle. There are so many great artists and groups that have been established in music (and done well when it came to selling songs) but in the end they fell out of grace simply due to the concept of money and greed. They have been victimized and used, and this is an old game that is “still” going on for many. Some of them have made lots of money but that assuredly doesn’t apply to even “most” of them. So how is this happening? If the songs have been sold for profit, who made that money? All the people “behind the scenes.” The managers, the writers, the producers, the label, and just about everyone else associated with them got paid. I remember years ago I talked to a lady by the name of Vesta Williams. She was a tremendous singer who could rattle monitors onstage with her powerful voice. She was signed to a label and she had some moderate hit songs. She and I had a talk one day about the industry. She told me that her label was investing all their money into Janet Jackson at the time. She said that she could out-sing Janet on any day of the week (and she absolutely could, she had a tremendous voice). At the time she was a little bit overweight (but still was incredibly sexy). She told me that once she slimmed down to her desired weight that she expected the label to give her all that “slim girl” money that they were investing into Janet. What she didn’t know was that the reason the label invested so much into Janet was because she was a “Jackson.” It had nothing to do with Janet’s singing ability. There were rumors out that the “Control album” didn’t even have Janet’s vocals on it during the beginning but once they signed her they gave the project to her. For the record, here is one of Vesta’s songs:

For the record, there are “many instances” where the industry took advantage of people, stole from them and even disrespected them. Vesta was eventually dropped from the label. Janet was dropped eventually as well. The music industry is not what it once was. The new music is horrible and the politics of it have not changed over the years. When I talked to the youngsters everyone seemed to pay great attention and afterwards they told me that they learned a lot from me. That made me feel great. We need to inform the new generation of the things they need to know. You could actually help in making one of them a star one day. Thank you so much for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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