Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Why do some people trust famous people so much?”)

I just read an article about this guy named Harvey Weinstein. Evidently he did a lot of film making, but during the process he apparently also fed his enormous sexual appetite. Some of the things he has allegedly done are shocking. This guy has been in business for many years, but yet “now” the allegations are starting to come out against him. There is another man I know who has some fame to him. I know him quite well and people are thanking me for hooking them up with him. They believe that he is going to help them. I know different. What is it about these people who have some fame to them? Why do others reach out to them and why do they feel that they can treat others any way they want? This Harvey Weinstein guy has gotten away with a LOT over many years. For those of you who don’t know his current situation here is an article for you to read:

The problem here is that this guy would not have gotten to do “any” of the bad things he’s  accused of so far if not for his fame. He probably would have been arrested a long time ago. The other issue is that if he can do this to people, “how many others” in his position are doing the same thing?” Normally people who have acquired fame did so through the workings and investments of someone else (usually with the money and the affiliation) who believed in him or her. Most times these people feel they have free reign to treat others in any way they please. Do I fault this Weinstein guy? Yes, I do… but I don’t think he is the only one responsible. When people start treating others in a bad way it is usually due to a change in their own circumstances. They feel they have now been given power over others (and some of their behavior is based on what they have seen from others, so they just follow suit). The problem is that a lot of people “allow” them to do bad things based on their fame alone. That is not right. Whether it is (allegedly) Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Donal Trump or any person of fame, no one should allow them to get away with improper behavior. These people are so used to fame and fortune that once they start getting away with it in the beginning they continue to do it with others. Once people begin to realize that a person of fame is just as human as the rest of us then hopefully they can put an end to it. I don’t care about anyone with any fame. I can joke with them or against them, because to me it really doesn’t matter. I will never allow anyone with fame to disrespect me. Hopefully you won’t either. Believe in yourself, trust yourself and most importantly you need to respect yourself. That should take care of all your needs… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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