Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“the concept of being nice to people”)

I realize that this is probably a bother to most people, but I honestly believe in the concept of being “nice” to people. Yes, some people have extensive attitudes and in some cases may not even deserve a kind thought (but I want to be nice to them as well). The issue here is one that for me holds no secret to it. You first have to realize that people are who and what they are. Just like people have psychological traits of all their ancestors they also have physical traits as well. In other words, no one is so pure that they cannot have something wrong inside. That is why no one can ever be perfect, because we have the DNA of ancestors within us who were not perfect at all. We just don’t realize that some times the moods of our ancestors will show within us. That being said, it is helpful to be kind to everyone. You may think that this is being done for them. That thought would be wrong. “I do it for me.” You see, no matter what I do I cannot change people from what they are. It is best to accept them “as is.” However, if I can change myself to be more accepting of people then that will make a big difference for me. If I have any small change I like to give it to people who need (and ask for) money. I could wait until I become extremely rich but that day may never come, so I will give what I can now. Since I had my stroke I realize that I can’t be receptive to a lot of stress, so whenever someone tries to send me negative vibes I simply walk away. Part of a harmonious existence comes from staying away from all those things that bring you down. Being nice has helped me feel much better and happier. Life is awesome to me now. While I know deep inside that this feeling cannot last forever (there are things in life that will automatically make me sad again) I still feel much better now without accenting the negative. I could probably explain more but the simple answer would be to live life for yourself this way and see what happens. I have been blessed beyond all means, because I had a stroke and I made it back to just about 100 percent of my abilities. That doesn’t usually happen to a lot of people. I have a second chance and I hope to make the most of it. Being nice to people is just the start. I expect that you will do whatever works best for you, and I will not try to change you at all. However, being nice and feeling nice suits me very well right now, and I am happy to be where I am. You may not understand, but then again this is really about “me” right now. It works. One day if you are up to trying it may work for you as well. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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