Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought “The Power of the NRA”)

The recent shooting in Las Vegas was bad… very bad… The man who committed the shooting had never really been in trouble with the law before. In fact, Stephen Paddock was 64 years of age, and obviously someone (or something) sent him over the edge. As people go through life, changes happen, and some of those changes are not pleasant ones. Those changes we may not be able to see in time, but the problem here was not the changes he went through. The real problem was the ease at which he was able to accumulate his “large” arsenal of weaponry. The NRA (National Rifle Association) is now trying to make it easier for people to purchase silencers for their guns. Out of the 22 thousand people in attendance for that show, can you imagine how many more would have died if the shooter had actually had silencers? The NRA is a large and powerful industry. They have survived many past shootings, and even though there have been countless attempts for stronger background checks the NRA continues to deliver weapons to the wrong hands. Most of them will simply say that stronger background checks won’t make a difference, because people will only lie about what their plans are with the guns. That may very well be true for those with sane intentions, but have you ever talked to a person who is certifiably crazy before? Timothy McVeigh was a terrorist who believed that the government was wrong when it came to the way they handled a situation in Texas. He talked about the government to everyone who would listen and once you heard him you could automatically “tell” that something was wrong. He was one of those people that should not have been able to acquire a gun. The same could be said for just about anyone with those same type of intentions. For those people who want to kill innocents, their message is important. Those are the people that the NRA needs to hold responsible. We can continue to deny that the NRA has any involvement in this situation (but I can tell you that the shooters are getting guns from “somebody”). The NRA has a lot of money and a lot of power. Someone looking for votes from this organization cannot possibly expect to win after confronting them. As long as this organization can sell to everyone we will continue to have more shootings just like this one. The BEST way to start is to toughen the background checks on people. Of course, this has been said before… “many” times… but until we actually get the message in our heads the NRA will eventually have us all “killing each other.” Let’s see if they find out exactly where this gunmen got his “many” guns and then let me know if you think the NRA has anything to do with it. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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