Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“How to get by with all this negativity”)

There seems to be so much negativity in the national headlines. Chaos seems to be running rampant. Shooting sprees in Las Vegas, possible war in North Korea, People kneeling for the national anthem, a President with very low approval ratings and so much more seem to dominate our lives. I don’t think anyone can make these things go away, but there is a way to prosper around them. If you want peace of mind then just “ignore the news.” There is so much crazy stuff going on that if you focus on it you will only make yourself more depressed. I do realize that some things you can’t help but see (but that doesn’t mean that you have to read). There are a lot more crazy people in the world and the environment is becoming much more dangerous. We don’t know where the world is headed (or maybe we do) but now it seems as though we are desperately in need of prayer. I looked at some of the footage of the shooting in Las Vegas and now I wish that I had not. It was so sad to see young people gunned down simply because they wanted to check out a concert. I had actually played at Mandalay Bay many years ago with Teddy Pendergrass and it was such a beautiful place (It had a man made beach out back). Now with this shooting spree people are going to stop going there. It is important to make sure that the news doesn’t end up depressing us all. The more you read, the more chaotic the world seems to be. We don’t have to lose it in this fashion. As crazy as this sounds, ignore the news. Enjoy life as it was meant to be… The news is all about the things around us, but the news doesn’t have to “become” us… Live your life as though tomorrow is not promised… because it “isn’t.”


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